The company


General information

Founded: March 2010
Employees: 7
Company headquarter: Pöllau/Hartberg
General manager: DI(FH) Florian Hoppl

Business divisions

- Development of products around the hard wear material AO1 to reduce abrasive wear on production maschines
- Product development focusing on the minimization of wear according to customer’s requirements
- Production of products in the paper recycling industry and fibre prepartion industry
- Production of parts for the mining industry as wear resistant pipes and pipe bent
- Production of prototypes
- Production of ventilation systems in the field of environmental technology
- Construction of small sewage plants
- Distribution of LED lamps

The company FFK focuses mainly on the paper and pulp industry, which has high demands concerning the characteristics and the abrasive wear of the material. Due to constant development work, the company FFK managed to extend the lifetime of single components fourfold. A continuous extension of to the product portfolio enables us to specifically focus on customer requirements.

The second focal point of the company is on the development of products regarding the FFK material A01 in other business areas apart from the paper and pulp industry. The material, which is based on corundum, is pH-neutral and resistant against temperature fluctuation, acids and bases.  Because of its versatile material properties, the material is used within a wide range of applications. The development work is carried out by the Forschung und Entwicklungs GmbH (research and development GmbH). The developed machines are manufactured and tested as prototypes.

After a successful test phase and various quality checks the products are ready for series maturity and they are produced in small series within the company. In addition to that, we also carried out successful development work in other areas and we developed several prototypes for waste water aeration.

As far as the construction of the company building was concerned, the company FFK strongly emphasised to use of energy efficient technology in order meet the requirements which are necessary for modern marketability. Due to the fact that there is a limited amount of high quality LED luminaires, it took the company some time to find an appropriate production company which met the quality requirements necessary for our product. The high quality as well as the optimal efficiency of the LED luminaries is an essential part of our products. Therefore, the company FFK also offers High-bay LED lamps for private as well as industrial purposes.